Warehouse Management System

Warehouse management system (WMS) is a built-in feature of Rosetta Enterprise that enables efficiency in running your warehouse giving you more control over inventory transactions.

WMS provides tight integration with Rosetta Enterprise core modules encompassing all inventory transactions from sales, production, advanced distribution, including inventory receiving, issuance, and transfers.

WMS extends your basic warehouse inventory capabilities through the effective use of locations within your warehouse wherein each location can be flexibly defined as a specific area such as a rack, shelf, bin, tank, container, and other areas.


Location Bin Control

Bin-controlled locations provide a dedicated storage for individual items that directs the warehouse clerk on where to store items during receiving and provides control on the maximum number of items a location can accommodate.

Automatic Allocation

Different modes of product release allocations that include first-in-first-out (FIFO), first-expire-first-out (FEFO), and last-in-first-out (LIFO) are available telling you what items need to get picked first.

Product Reservation

Soft reservation and hard reservation of inventory from customer orders prevents other customers from getting stock that was already set aside.

Location Zones and Types

Allows grouping of locations into zones and rank zones according to importance. Locations are classified into various types such as for picking, put-away, staging, transfer, cross-docking, cold storage and other types as required.


WMS Lot Control

Lot control over WMS provides monitoring of your inventory's status, grade, production date and expiration dates for each lot/batch.

Picking Route Optimization

Instructs the warehouse clerk on the most efficient picking sequence to reduce the amount of time in going around the warehouse. Picking of items can be done individually by customer, or in batch/pick wave by delivery route, by zone, by location pick sequence, by order date, and other rules defined.

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AvailabilityFrom its inception, Rosetta Enterprise is engineered to be a cloud centric solution that works on any platform with a web browser such as PCs, laptops, tablets, and phones such as the iPhone and Android phones. The availability of internet anywhere now makes accessing Rosetta Enterprise from any point in the world easy.


SupportNot only do you get software, you get a team of professionals to handle your questions, maintain the system, and perform your backups. It’s like having your own IT department without all the costs associated with it.


FlexibilityRosetta can be configured precisely to match the needs of each customer eliminating the need for large information technology investments. Choosing from a full menu of Rosetta-managed business functions, customers can integrate all of the available applications or simply implement their desired functions a la carte.


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