Rosetta Enterprise for Petroleum

Rosetta Enterprise provides the capabilities for Petroleum companies to manage the requirements of commercial consumers like dealers and gas stations in a single or multiple branch locations.

Rosetta Enterprise can help you maximize your procurement, production and distribution, inventory and demand information as they happen. Its seamless Financial integration ensures accounting entries are created for every transaction that occurs.

With Rosetta Enterprise, control on company-owned and dealer-operated stations can be achieved without the need to invest on costly infrastructure and maintain a large group of support personnel.

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AvailabilityFrom its inception, Rosetta Enterprise is engineered to be a cloud centric solution that works on any platform with a web browser such as PCs, laptops, tablets, and phones such as the iPhone and Android phones. The availability of internet anywhere now makes accessing Rosetta Enterprise from any point in the world easy.


SupportNot only do you get software, you get a team of professionals to handle your questions, maintain the system, and perform your backups. It’s like having your own IT department without all the costs associated with it.


FlexibilityRosetta can be configured precisely to match the needs of each customer eliminating the need for large information technology investments. Choosing from a full menu of Rosetta-managed business functions, customers can integrate all of the available applications or simply implement their desired functions a la carte.


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