Rosetta Enterprise Payroll

Rosetta Enterprise eliminates the hassles of payroll by providing an easy and cost effective way of processing the compensation of all the members of your workforce. It simplifies the payroll processing tasks and it effectively manages your employees’ time and attendance to accomplish your payroll.

Rosetta Payroll is not an ordinary payroll system. It is equipped with features that monitors project schedule, project expense reimbursement and leave and overtime application allowing the employer to gauge the productivity of the employees and the number of man-hours that are used for the projects.

Rosetta Enterprise Payroll Features

Self-Service Time and Expense

Rosetta Payroll allows the employees to enter their own time and expense information with checks and approvals in place to easily manage and enhance productivity in the workplace.

Online Leave and Overtime Application

Employees can directly submit their leave and overtime application decreasing the administrative and accounting costs while increasing productivity.

Project Monitoring

The number of hours used for projects can be monitored allowing management to gauge the number of hours used by the employees per project.

Accurate Computation of Earnings and Deductions

Rosetta Payroll is equipped with the standard payroll formula that computes each of your employee’s earnings and deductions accurately.

Fully Integrates with Other Systems

Rosetta Payroll automatically generates journal entries that can be integrated to other systems. It also provides interface for biometric devices and it enables information to be imported from external sources.

Flexible Payroll Configuration

Rosetta Payroll caters to the payroll of different industries. It accommodates different payroll requirements and it can be configured precisely to match the needs of each customer eliminating the need for large information technology investments.

Government Reporting

Rosetta Payroll is a certified solution that ensures compliance with different government agencies requirements.

It also provides company reports for easy payroll data analysis.

Benefits of Using Rosetta Enterprise Payroll


Rosetta Payroll is engineered as a web-enabled business software with PDA support that works on any platform with a web browser and smart phones such as Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia, and others. The availability of internet through phones, 3G and wifi make Rosetta Payroll available anytime, anywhere in the world.

Ease of Use

Rosetta Payroll, as a web-enabled application is easy to use. Using the wizard, you will be guided with step-by-step procedures allowing you to compute the payroll without the hassle of missing some steps or procedures.

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AvailabilityFrom its inception, Rosetta Enterprise is engineered to be a cloud centric solution that works on any platform with a web browser such as PCs, laptops, tablets, and phones such as the iPhone and Android phones. The availability of internet anywhere now makes accessing Rosetta Enterprise from any point in the world easy.


SupportNot only do you get software, you get a team of professionals to handle your questions, maintain the system, and perform your backups. It’s like having your own IT department without all the costs associated with it.


FlexibilityRosetta can be configured precisely to match the needs of each customer eliminating the need for large information technology investments. Choosing from a full menu of Rosetta-managed business functions, customers can integrate all of the available applications or simply implement their desired functions a la carte.


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