Rosetta Enterprise for Automotives

Rosetta Enterprise caters to the needs of automotive sales and services companies in delivering the best services to the customers to build successful business relationships.

Rosetta Enterprise Sales module addresses the need for vehicle and parts sales requirements which are integrated to the Accounts Receivable system. Daily revenue information of all branches whether company-owned or franchises are immediately available.

The Services module of Rosetta Enterprise enables easy processing of customer repairs and maintenance requirements and aids in preparing Job estimates.

Rosetta for Automotive Benefits

Customer Satisfaction

All customer concerns and repair requirements are logged in the system to guarantee that customers get the appropriate service they need.

History Tracking

History of vehicle issues and repairs are available, regardless of which branch it was brought in for service. This allows branches to “look into the past jobs/repairs and parts replacement” and help them in providing better service to the customer.

Job/Service Order Inquiry in Real-Time

Rosetta Enterprise provides a repository of information needed to complete job/service orders. The Job/Service inquiry feature enables immediate searching and tracking of job/service status and details.

Service Parts Availability

When a service part is not available in your own warehouse, Rosetta Enterprise can provide the information by verifying its availability from other distributors or dealers. This can help in completing the Job/Service to the customer in less possible time.

Service Type Templates

With standard procedures in place, the use of service type templates facilitates service operations by providing the list of suggested activities to be performed for a particular scenario e.g. 10,000 kilometer maintenance checkup.

Integration with Accounts Receivable Module

Upon completion of Sales processing or job/service orders, Rosetta Enterprise automatically creates invoices.

This ensure that sales revenue are immediately recorded and that all jobs are billed and collected.

Integration with other Rosetta Enterprise Modules:

  • Financials (General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Cash Management, Fixed Assets)
  • Logistics and Operations (Web Ordering, Purchasing, Planning)

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AvailabilityFrom its inception, Rosetta Enterprise is engineered to be a cloud centric solution that works on any platform with a web browser such as PCs, laptops, tablets, and phones such as the iPhone and Android phones. The availability of internet anywhere now makes accessing Rosetta Enterprise from any point in the world easy.


SupportNot only do you get software, you get a team of professionals to handle your questions, maintain the system, and perform your backups. It’s like having your own IT department without all the costs associated with it.


FlexibilityRosetta can be configured precisely to match the needs of each customer eliminating the need for large information technology investments. Choosing from a full menu of Rosetta-managed business functions, customers can integrate all of the available applications or simply implement their desired functions a la carte.


Landed Cost

Procure to Pay

Web Ordering


Service Suite