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Contact:  Grace Cariño, Executive Vice President

The Rosetta Group, Limited

Phone: +63-2-491-7310

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Philippines, June 5, 2012 – Philippine Insurers & Reinsurers Association (PIRA), an expert in the insurance industry and the umbrella organization of all non-life insurance companies in the Philippines, has gone live with Rosetta Enterprise Financials last May 18, 2012.


PIRA selected Rosetta Enterprise to enhance their financials management. To date, the implementation was done in 5 days including training. The modules included on the project are General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Fixed Asset.


“Rosetta Enterprise is so easy to use. Data entry doesn’t feel like I’m doing work at all and yet I’m being productive,” says Ms. Agnes Silaya, PIRA’s Accounting Manager and project manager.


With the revolutionary milestone on the insurance industry of Rosetta Enterprise and PIRA, PIRA is on its way to a seamless and real-time transaction all the time.


About PIRA

PIRA represents the collective interests of the Philippine non-life insurance industry. Since1954, PIRA has been working to make all aspects of insurance easier for consumers, agents and insurance companies in the Philippines.


PIRA has around 90 companies. Between them, they provide 90 percent of domestic non-life insurance services sold in the Philippines. PIRA members account for a substantial investment in the Philippine stock market.


About The Rosetta Group

The Rosetta Group is an international software company with offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, and the Philippines.  The Rosetta Group specializes in creating industrial strength Software-as-a-Service products.




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AvailabilityFrom its inception, Rosetta Enterprise is engineered to be a cloud centric solution that works on any platform with a web browser such as PCs, laptops, tablets, and phones such as the iPhone and Android phones. The availability of internet anywhere now makes accessing Rosetta Enterprise from any point in the world easy.


SupportNot only do you get software, you get a team of professionals to handle your questions, maintain the system, and perform your backups. It’s like having your own IT department without all the costs associated with it.


FlexibilityRosetta can be configured precisely to match the needs of each customer eliminating the need for large information technology investments. Choosing from a full menu of Rosetta-managed business functions, customers can integrate all of the available applications or simply implement their desired functions a la carte.


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